TALOSnet Combo

TALOSnet Combo – Hotel Building Management System is a modern access control system for rooms and common-use hotel areas, room consumption control (lights-air conditioning, etc.), operation automation of buildings or wings, temperature control and fire detection, extra service presale and general ON-LINE real-time hotel operation control through the central computer and Ethernet networking (TCP/IP).

Operation is based on RF-ID technology which uses a special microchip that is placed in the cards of guests, staff, etc., which exchanges data with the plugs in rooms and other controlled spaces, every time that it is within range of the signal transmitted by the plug. The transmission range is 5 cm from the plug, and is operated by simply swiping the card, with no sensitivity to moisture as there is no electric contact. No special lock installation is required for the doors; only an electric latch need be installed in the door frame.

The modules are placed in the electrical boards of the rooms and other spaces (floor-wing offices, shops, staircases, storerooms, etc.), they have a 10Mbps Ethernet networking device for ON-LINE communication with the main server and client computers at reception and in other departments, through the TALOS-NET adaptable management programme. Apart from centrally controlled operation, the entire system functions simultaneously and autonomously, if there is such a need (off-line operation).

Our system, Teletechnika’s innovation, with the concentration of properties and the functions it provides, does away with other high maintenance and high purchase cost systems that do not work with each other.  This high level management of power (on a room level and on a central floor, wing or building level) achieves a great decrease in power consumption, extension of the lifespan of devices, providing an excellent, technologically advanced and very affordable solution for hotels, rooms to let, etc.

Alternatively, the system can connect to the network and to the Wi-Fi through the use of the module.


By touching the card to the external room plug the door’s electric mechanism is activated for 4 seconds, the Door opener indication switches on and the room lights come on for 1 minute.

  • Blue night lighting on all plugs
  • Door activation indication for 10” (green LED)
  • Room occupied indication (green LED)
  • “Do Not Disturb” indication (red LED)
  • Open balcony door in vacant room indication (flashing door light)
  • “Please Clean” indication

When the card is placed in the lit internal plug slit, the lights and air conditioning remain active for as long as the system controller reads the card. The air conditioning and lights are deactivated one minute after the card’s removal from the plug.

  • Do Not Disturb” indication activation button
  • “Do Not Disturb” indication (red LED)
  • “Please Clean” indication activation button
  • “Please Clean” indication
  • Κουμπί ενεργοποίησης λειτουργίας “Do Not Disturb”
  • Ένδειξη κατάστασης “Do Not Disturb” (κόκκινο LED)
  • Κουμπί ενεργοποίησης λειτουργίας “Please Clean”
  • Ένδειξη κατάστασης  “Please Clean”

The system includes a 30Amp load relay for various consumptions and a 16Amp load relay for air conditioning.

  • Bypass function, controlled by the lock on the device for lighting and air conditioning activation in case of malfunction of a module.
  • Cancellation capability of the do not disturb function with use of the hotel master card for security reasons.

Automatic re-routing to external 0.8A battery (optional) in case of power cut.

Deactivation of lighting and air conditioning 1 minute after the card is removed from the internal plug.

Lights remain on for one minute after the card is swiped on the external plug.

Air conditioning deactivation 3 minutes after the balcony door is opened, if it remains open.

Silent activation of door mechanism for four seconds after swiping the card.

  • Additional COMBO modules with different programming (main entrance, parking area, gym, etc.) for controlled access by guests and staff.
  • Staff and guest card programming for provision of appropriate room access rights.
  • Presale capabilities of services such as air conditioning, internet access, parking space, access to gym, etc.
  • Cards are programmed using NEMESIS-USB devices
  • Multiple card capabilities per room (up to 6) for suites or families

TalosNet PLC

Hardware Capabilities - Description:

    • 6 position rail box.
    • Switching 20 Watt Power Supply.
    • Inputs: 8 inputs for low power buttons.
    • Outputs: 7 phase outlets through 10A contact relay and one outlet through TRIAC 20A for light dimming.
    • Visual indications: 8 LEDs for the outlets, 1 LED for all inputs (switches on simultaneously with each active input) and power supply indication LED.
    • Communication: through Ethernet network connected with the COMBO device.


  • Every input can execute 2 different operations, depending on how the button was activated (extended or instantaneous press).
  • Every input can activate one or more (or even all) outlets for ON-OFF functions (except for the dimming outlet).
  • If selected, the dimming outlet occupies 2 outlets exclusively (scale function, up-down with extended press and ON-OFF with instantaneous press).
  • If an outlet is selected for curtain or blinds operation, it will exclusively occupy 2 inputs (scale opening – shutting with extended press and ON-OFF operation with instantaneous press)

PLC input with automated activation:

Every input can be selected to follow specific automation orders from the interconnected COMBO device.

Thus, all available COMBO room automation scenarios can be applied to all PLC inputs. Operations that can now be carried out depend on the time, whether a room is occupied or vacant, whether the guest is in or out, with the opening of the door and ending after a specific time period, with the exit of the guest and ending after a specific period of time, according to room temperature with the selection of an occupied or vacant room in combination with the presence or absence of the guest, etc.

  • Free selection of connecting inputs, outlets and automations through the TALOS system.
  • Easy interchange of scenarios & operations through the central computer.
  • Renaming of inputs and outlets from the central computer for easier orientation of users and maintenance staff.
  • Visual indication of outlet status at central computer.