Proxycon 2RD RTC

Autonomous power saving control system, with proximity smart cards (RF-ID).

General Information

Room access control system with electric door latch activation, room consumption control and independent air conditioning control. The technique used is based on RF-ID technology which is widely used in car key immobilizer systems. The system uses a special microchip installed into the key card, which exchanges data with the control plugs of the rooms every time it is within range of the plug’s signal. The card microchip draws power for its operation from the signal transmitted by the plugs (there is no battery use).  The range of the transmission is 5 centimetres from the plug, its frequency is low and harmless (125khz), thus requiring the card almost come into contact with it.  This method overcomes any contact, humidity, wear and tear problems in outside areas, etc. that become present with other types of smart cards, magnetic cards, etc. It is very reliable and, for that reason, extensively used in the industry, in identification and control systems where security standards are very high.

This is a locally controlled system, operated and programmed autonomously by the hotel manager with the use of a Master card, without requiring use or connection to a computer. Initial programming is carried out during installation and is then only required again if a card is lost and requires replacement. Internal plug LED indication bulbs guide the hotel manager during the simple programming process.

The system also allows for the opening of the main front door or prohibiting prepaid or free services, such as use of the parking area, gym, operation of the air conditioning, etc.

The ProxyCon module board includes two more load relays, 16A each (resistive load), for the management of lighting and air conditioning loads. It also has a 1A contact relay for the activation of the electric door latch with a choice of either a 12V dc /500ma or cool contact exit for use with an external power supply. It uses a powerful power supply switch that can operate superbly during major power drops or surges (operates with Power Corporation network voltage from 80 to 250 Volts). It also has a serial port with microcontroller operating programme upgrading capabilities.

ProxyCon 2RD-RTC also has a real time controller (clock) that is supplied by an internal battery with a 10-year lifespan, as well as an external room event log memory with the capacity to record the last 3000 events (entrance-exit of guests & staff, list of forbidden cards, room data, etc.).

It has a serial communication port through which parameterisation of each room or other area is carried out (room number, building number, hotel code, date – time, lighting deactivation delay duration after exit, air conditioning deactivation delay after opening the balcony door, duration of activation of door’s electric latch, etc.).

This action is carried out once during the installation of the systems by the installers. To that end, in every Proxycon 2RD-RTC system installation a serial to USB adaptor is also made available.

Thus, Proxycon 2RD-RTC devices do not require local card programming. Instead, guest, staff, maintenance, etc. card programming is carried out centrally, at Reception, through a simple and user friendly programme, the TELETECHNICA – CARD MANAGER, and the NEMESIS USB card programming device.

Also, any Proxycon 2RD-RTC device Firmware update is carried out through the serial port. The same port is used during the collection of events from the Proxycon 2RD-RTC room module when necessary (in cases of theft – entry of non authorised personnel to the room, etc.).

It offers a number of operations, while remaining very affordable, making it ideal for rooms to let and small hotels.

Operation Properties & Description

Soundless door opening
By touching the card to the external room plug, the door’s electric mechanism is activated for 4 seconds, the door opener indication switches on, and the room lights come on for 1 minute. The system controller supplies the door’s electric mechanism with a direct current so that no sound is caused.

Consumption control
When the card is placed in the lit internal plug slit, the lights and air conditioning remain active for as long as the system controller reads the card.
The air conditioning and lights are deactivated one minute after the card’s removal from the plug.

Independent air conditioning control
In occupied rooms the system allows for the operation of the air conditioning only if the balcony door is closed. It allows the air conditioning to operate with an open balcony door for 3 minutes, adequate time for the guest to air out the room or to briefly go out onto the veranda. If the balcony door remains open for longer, then the air conditioning is deactivated until the balcony door closes.
Information regarding air conditioning use rights is printed onto the card, allowing for the sale of air conditioning use as an extra service, with the use of a 2nd series of ‘NO AIR CONDITIONING’ cards.

Multiple users per room
The system recognises and allows access for up to 3 different guest cards per room and up to 2 different groups – categories of passe-partout cards (for housekeeping, janitors, etc.).
So, you can provide more than one key card in cases of suites or families staying at your apartments.

Do not disturb
If the room is occupied, the guest can activate the ‘Do not disturb’ function by pressing the corresponding button on the internal room plug. This prohibits housekeeping entry to the room. (For security reasons, the ‘Do not disturb’ function can be cancelled by the hotel master key chain).

Room condition indication
All functions and the room’s condition are indicated by the external (and internal) LED lights on the room plug.

  • Door activation: green light ‘Door opener/Alarm’ for 10 seconds.
  • Room occupied: green light ‘Room occupied’.
  • Do not disturb: red light ‘Do not disturb’.
  • Open balcony door in room: ‘Door opener/Alarm’ light flashing quickly.

Night light
All system plugs (internal and external) have their top part lit brightly, yet discretely, with a blue night light, which helps guests when the lights are off in their room or in the hallways.

Access to the main entrance-other entrances
Additional ProxyCon-2RD modules that have been programmed as main entrance, parking area, entrance access 1 to 5, etc. can be used in various hotel areas. Furthermore, they can cooperate with networked ProxyCon-Net modules, in areas where it is required that events are controlled and logged by a Computer (cards and their coding are fully compatible with the ProxyCon-Net system and the Talos-net system).

Guest categories-prepaid services
Further codes can be used according to the needs of each hotel, even for prepaid services and access or non-access of guests to these services.
For example, they can be programmed anew each time or pre-programmed cards can be used with air conditioning, parking area, gym access,  etc. rights, if these services are charged extra.

*The above operation requires a central Nemesis RF-ID programmer in the hotel reception

Soundless door opening
By touching the card to the external room plug the door’s electric mechanism is activated for 4 seconds, the Door opener indication switches on and the room lights come on for 1 minute. The system controller supplies the door’s electric mechanism with a regular voltage so that no sound is caused.