MS-1R Compact

Autonomous magnetic plug - Power saving system.

General information

  • Activated by magnetic key chain (there is no mechanical contact).
  • Various key chains (plastic, ABS, brass, both types available in various shades).
  • 30A relay contact (6.6 KWatt-Resistive loads) for light operation (can easily control the kitchenette, hair dryer, air conditioning, lights, etc.).
  • Deactivation delay (1 minute after key chain is removed)
  • Blue night light (Can be activated – deactivated by guest by touching the button).
  • Can be connected to external monitor (DL-IND with green and red LED indicating whether the room is empty or occupied).
  • Can be extended once (activation of lights for one minute without key chain by touching the button)
  • Connection terminal for wires up to 4.5mm wide – easily installed – reliable (Operation control with microcontroller)