Rail type magnetic key chain reader and load management controller.

  • Light control: 30A contact relay (resistive load) with 1-minute deactivation delay after key chain is removed.
  • Air conditioning control. 16A contact relay (resistive load-ac1) with 3-minute deactivation delay after balcony door is opened when key chain inserted or 1 minute after key chain is removed.
  • Light – air conditioning activation:
    • Only with scanning of compatible key chain.
    • Without a key chain, the loads are activated for 1 minute only by pressing the ‘Test’button
  • Key chain types, plastic or brass. Guest key chain with air conditioning operation rights (blue).
    Guest chain without air conditioning operation rights (red)


  • Function control: Digital, through microcontrtoller.
  • Exit monitor systems: Room free – occupied, balcony door forgotten open in empty room (requires connection of DL-IND unit with red & green LED)
  • Visual operation indications: Power supply, 30A light relay (MAIN) and 16A air conditioning Relay (CLIMA), with LED.
  • MAIN control port. For immediate light operation test with delay circumvention.
  • A-C control port. For immediate air conditioning operation test with delay circumvention.
  • Power supply: 5 Watt power supply switch operated with the voltage of the Electricity Corporation network from 100 Volts to 250 Volts A/C, with no heat production.
  • Load connection terminals: Elevator type, for wires up to 4mm in diameter


Plug, magnetic key chain reader with closed type read switch (not glass)

  • Operating voltage: Low, 5 Volt DC. Completely safe for users.
  • Lighting: Blue night light, in order to locate the plug opening in darkness.
  • Emergency use button: Pressing the button activates the loads for one minute and only once (The function can be repeated again after the key chain is inserted and removed again).