Hotel room consumption control systems with proximity smart cards (RF-ID).

General Information

  • 30A resistive load – AC1 for room loads and 16A resistive loads – AC1 for air conditioning.
  • Appropriate for independent air conditioning control.
  • Works with plug / magnetic card reader.
  • Room condition indication terminal.
  • Air condition control that works with balcony door magnetic contact switch.
  • The circuit allows for air conditioning operation with the balcony door open for 2.5 minutes.
  • Takes the space of 3 automatics.

Card Types

  • Guest card with air conditioning operation rights (blue).
  • Guest card without air conditioning operation rights (red)
  • Guest card with or without air conditioning operation rights (red)

Other Technical Characteristics

  • Function control: Digital, through microcontrtoller.
  • Exit system monitor: Room empty – occupied, balcony door left open in empty room, housekeeping present, bathroom ALARM – fire alarm or gas leak detection. (*** see note regarding extension potential – 1)
  • Visual operation indications: Power supply, 30A light relay (MAIN) and 16A air conditioning Relay (CLIMA), with LED.
  • A-C control port. For immediate air conditioning operation test with delay circumvention.
  • Power supply, 5 Watt power supply switch operated with the voltage of the Electricity Corporation network from 100 Volts to 250 Volts A/C, with no heat production.
  • Load connection terminals: Elevator type, for wires up to 4mm in diameter