Hotel room consumption control systems

Rail type control system for room load management, in combination with magnetic key chains or independently for air conditioning control through magnetic contact switch on balcony door. Takes the space of 2 automatics.

  • Load control: 30A contact relay (resistive load) with 1 or 3-minute (your choice) delay for deactivation after key chain is removed.
  • Activation:
    • Only with scanning of compatible key chain.
    • Without a key chain, the loads are activated for 1 minute only by pressing the “Test” button
    • With magnetic contact switch on balcony door.
  • Τύποι μπρελόκ : πλαστικά ή ορειχάλκινα.


  • Function control: Digital, through microcontrtoller.
  • Exit system monitor: Room empty – occupied (requires connection of DL-IND unit with red & green LED)
  • Visual operation indications: 30A light relays with LEDs
  • Load connection terminals: Elevator type, for wires up to 4mm in diameter


Plug, magnetic key chain reader with closed type read switch (not glass)

  • Operating voltage : Low, 5 Volt DC . Completely safe for users.
  • Lighting : Blue night light, in order to locate the plug opening in darkness.
  • Emergency use button : : Pressing the button activates the system for one minute without the use of the magnetic key chain (test – emergency operation).